Ovopel description Our Ovopel hormone product is a result of a decade-old knowledge of cold water fish propagation techniques.
This knowledge has served as a base for a formulation of a combination of different synthetic hormones, tested by multiple trials under laboratory and mass scale breeding circumstances.
The product Ovopel has been designed to substitute natural hypophysis extracts used in induced fish propagation.

Besides that our new product is suitable to substitute hypophysis extracts without any change in technology, including tools and know-how, it is a great improvement considering numerous reasons:

  1. Hormones of our product are artificially synthesized; therefore agents of the product are significantly cheaper than hypophysis.
  2. A severe disadvantage of hypophysis extracts that unwanted impact of other chemicals what hypophysis contains cannot be avoided. These protein-like or other chemicals of the hypophysis tissue can provoke immune reaction; moreover, viruses can also be transmitted by infected hypophysis. Ovopel offers an easy solution to all these problems.
  3. During long-term use of hypophysis extracts, antimatter can be excreted by fish stock which, after some years, can lead to the loss of sensitivity to hypophysis extracts. Our product is not immunogenic, therefore maintains its effectiveness even repeated use in the same stock.
  4. The treatment with Ovopel mobilizes endogenous Gonadotropin hormones (GtH) int he fish, therefore released GtH is species-specific in all the cases. This is the reason for the universal use of GnRH-analogues in fish propagation.
  5. Any of the methods of induced fish propagation means an intervention into fish hormonal activity. Treatment with our product takes its effect in a higher level in the “hypothalamus- hypophysis-gonads” system than hypophysis extracts; therefore treatment with GnRH-analogues means a less radical artificial intervention to fish physiological processes.
  6. Determination of hormone content of hypophysis extracts is difficult and expensive, moreover, can differ piece by piece; this fact inhibits marketing of hypophysis extracts under EU territory.
  7. Contrary to current, mainly fluid products of the market, Ovopel is easy to store, use and dose, there is no need for special trainings to learn usage.

The following fish species have been successfully propagated with our product: Carp (Cyrinus carpio carpio)
Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)
Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)
Tench (Tinca tinca)
Bream (Abramis brama)
Ide (Leuciscus idus)
Katla (Catla catla)
Rohu (Labeo rohita)
Wels catfish (Silurus glanis)
African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)
Pacu (Colossoma spp.)

Objednávky na ovopel

Instruction of use

The base of induced fish propagation is to provide brood stock of proper maturity and undisturbed environment for their maturation (proper oxygen level and temperature). Weight of brood stock should be measured before propagation. The required amount of Ovopel is 1 pellet for 1kg of brood stock + 0,1 pellet for losses during powdering and dissolving.

When fish are ready for spawning, pellets should be powdered and dissolved in salt solution (0,65% NaCl) 12 hours before planned ovulation then injected into the abdomen of fish. If there is a doubt on brood stock maturity, portion should be divided into two parts; 10% should be injected into fish 24 hours before planned stripping and 90% is 12 hours before stripping.
Eggs and sperm management is according to general propagation technology. Treated brood stock is unsuitable for human consumption. Treated fish stock should be stored separately and kept a record of them.

Declaration should be made on the use of Ovopel within two weeks of purchase, avoiding the human consumption of treated fish stock (documents can be downloaded from the menu “Official documents”). If declaration is not made in time, instruction of use will be considered accepted by the consumer.